Le Coq Rico Team


Chef Antoine Westermann- Le Coq Rico NYC is the Chef's latest bistro and first in America. Antoine leads his team in a serene way, it is a beautiful interaction to witness. "Cooking is not only a matter of flavor, it requires teamwork. You must listen to the others to move forward in the same direction."

Guillaume Ginther

Executive Chef- Previously of New York's Daniel and Strasbourg's, Au Crocodile. Guillaume and second chef Julien Darcy will interpret Westermann's cuisine. "Chef Westermann is very open minded. He always takes the time to listen to his chefs and this brings confidence to my work in the kitchen."




General Manager- Anthony is a graduate of the famous Lausanne Hotel School in Switzerland and protégé of legend, André Soltner of New York's beloved Lutèce. "Working closely with chef brought me natural confidence and strength. He educated me on birds and has me work closely with the kitchen. Thank you Chef!"

julien darcy

Chef de Cuisine- Julien has been with Westermann for three years, working as Chef at Drouant and Le Coq Rico. "I am so grateful for the chance to work with a chef (Westermann) who has such a sense of humanity, working with him is all about transmission of knowledge."