Saturday May 6th Brunch - Le Coq Rico pays tribute to an American tradition -- the Kentucky Derby !

Though most fans may not realize, France shares a special relationship with the Kentucky Derby. In 1872, Meriwether Lewis Clark, grandson of William Clark of the famed exploratory duo Lewis and Clark, traveled to Europe on holiday. There, he developed a friendship with the members of the French Jockey Club, the group who developed the Grand Prix de Paris Longchamps, a famous thoroughbred horse race in France. Upon his return to the United States, Clark was determined to create his own spectator horse racing event in the United States and founded Kentucky's premier horse racing track, the Churchill Downs--home to the Kentucky Derby! .../...


.../...To celebrate Derby day and honor the close relationship between France and the Kentucky Derby, on May 6th Le Coq Rico's brunch menu will feature a special limited-time Mint Julep cocktail, the preferred cocktail of all Derby-goers. Additionally, Chef Westermann is pleased to offer brunch guests a small shot of Burgoo, the traditional Kentucky meat stew highlighted at Churchill Downs on race day. Le Coq Rico's special version of burgoo is made only with Le Coq Rico's heritage, pasture-raised chicken sourced from local Northeastern farms, of course. Happy Derby Day!

Nico Nico

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