Meet The Farmer

Join us for Dinner Feb 27th

Meet Frank Reese of Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, 
the godfather of heritage American poultry, 
to try the unique and spectacular  Cornish & New Hampshire chickens


Frank Reese is a fourth generation poultry farmer from Lindsborg, Kansas. For virtually his entire life, Frank has dedicated himself to the preservation of American heritage birds. His obsession with maintaining these breeds has resulted in him being able to trace his flock's genetic line back to the 1800's—the only person in the country who can do so.  Frank’s birds are pasture raised on the open Kansas prairie and are never fed antibiotics or hormones.

Cornish Chicken

This breed was accepted to the American Poultry Association’s (APA) Standard of Perfection in 1893 as Indian Game. No other breed of poultry more closely represents the ideal of an “Atlas” or “Hercules” poultry equivalent. Unique to the breed is the fact that the type of the male and female are identical. The extreme width of the breast of the Cornish chicken, and overall large portions of meat, has intrigued many breeders for decades. Due to the muscular nature of the breed, young birds can be harvested early to produce a small, tender, flavorful, and meaty one-pound bird.

New Hampshire

New Hampshires are a relatively new breed, having been admitted to the Standard in 1935. Well known for their rapid growth, fast feathering, early maturity and vigor, they possess a deep, broad body. These good, medium sized meat chickens have fair egg laying ability. Some strains lay eggs of a dark brown shell color. New Hampshires are competitive and intelligent.