Winemaker Rendez-vous

Hosted by Adrien Boulouque
Feb. 5th through Feb. 9th


Meet the Maker

Oskar Bynke from Hermann J. Wiemer
Feb 5th at 5pm for a happy hour wine tasting

Winemaker Pairing 45.
3 wines, 3 glasses 5oz

Dry Riesling Seneca Lake (2016)
The signature Riesling is vibrant and aromatic,
featuring the distinctive minerality that has become a Hermann J. Wiemer trademark.

Cabernet Franc Seneca Lake (2016)
Cabernet Franc is often used as a base
for a blend, but the region is proving that the grape stands well on its own as a full-bodied wine. 

Late Harvest Riesling Seneca Lake (2015)
This enticing Riesling is crafted in the traditional German Spätlese style, with moderate natural sweetness counterpoised by a bright, invigorating liveliness. In a yearly gamble against the weather, grapes for Spätlese wines are left to hang for a longer time on the vines. The outcome is a wine with an elegant yet luscious nose.