As every spring chicken knows, Easter is peak season for all things eggs!

Le Coq Rico - Easter Egg

To celebrate the beginning of spring and the birds' return to the pasture, the poultry experts at Flatiron's Le Coq Rico are proud to share a selection of sweet and savory egg dishes throughout Easter week. 

From April 10th-17th, diners will be able to experience the wide world of eggs by substituting either duck, goose, or guinea fowl eggs for any of the restaurant’s array of celebrated chicken egg dishes—from slow-cooked with chanterelles to poached with rooster comb to en meurette with bacon and mushrooms.

It’s not Easter without a chocolate egg (or three!), so Le Coq Rico will also offer a new Caraïbian 60% Dark Chocolate Egg dessert featuring coconut cream and passionfruit jelly. A true taste of Easter, this limited time treat is a delight for the eyes as well as the palate. 

Nico Nico

Le Coq Rico NYC, 30 East 20th Street, Midtown, NY, 10003