Truffle Sourcing- Richerenches, Vaucluse, France

Chef Westermann’s country home is just 6 kilometers from the famous truffle market in Richerenches, Vaucluse, France. He visited the market this month to make a unique hand selection of Truffle Noir du Tricastin black truffles for Le Coq Rico's New Year's Eve menu. 

"Richerenches is a charming little village. It shelters one of the oldest and most important of the garrisons of the Templiers de Provence (12th century)."

The annual Truffle Market is a main attraction for Richerenches, open only on Saturdays from November to March. The Richerenches Truffle Market is the biggest in the Provence and accounts for approximately 30% of all the truffles in France. Richerenches also bears the label "Good Taste Site" and continues to affirm itself as the capital of quality truffles.

Towards the middle of January, "la messe de la truffe" is held at the church. Instead of money, truffles are given in the collection, the offerings are weighed and sold and the proceeds go to the church This ritual is held on the Sunday of St Antoine.

Thank you so much, Chef!! - Le Coq Rico Team