Chef Antoine Westermann



Antoine Westermann was just 23 years old when he became the Chef and Owner of his first restaurant. In the twenty five years that followed, he earned three Michelin stars. Then in 2006, he made the exceedingly rare decision to ask Michelin to remove his stars so his creativity would no longer be confined by the rules and regulations of the guide. He began to work as a food consultant and advisor to chefs, allowing him to travel to cities around the world and spend a decade working in Washington D.C, While in DC, Westermann was introduced to a new generation of American farmers. As he learned more about their work and products, he discovered American terroir and its endless possibilities. Today Chef Westermann is here in the New York with his beloved Le Coq Rico. Cheers! 

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Origins, Philosophy & Design

The original Le Coq Rico (The Bistro of Beautiful Birds) is located on Monmartre's Rue Lepic in Paris. Each Le Coq Rico pays tribute to responsibly raised whole-animal poultry. This restaurant is Westermann's ode  to the local terroir, expressed though the flavors of wild and noble birds. Westermann spent more than a year traveling across the Northeast, particularly through the Hudson Valley and Pennsylvania, to meet farmers and learn their poultry raising philosophies. "Fowl is a world unto itself," noted Westermann. "The flavor and texture change depending on the region, breeder, age, and style of farming."The result of this exchange stands today as Le Coq Rico, NYC.  This is Westermann's first restaurant in the United States. Westermann teamed with internationally renowned hospitality architects Pascal Desprez, who also designed the original Le Coq RIco. This is Desprez's fifth project with Chef. Le Coq Rico occupies the street front of the landmarked Gabay building, originally constructed in 1915. The restaurant features a commissioned work by the celebrated American visual artist, Doug Fitch, who created a rooster which forms the identity of Le Coq Rico. 

All of this is possible thanks to our amazing team.

Francis Staub

Francis Staub is Chef Westermann's friend and financial partner for Le Coq Rico, NYC. Both Westermann and Staub are from the Alsace region of France. In 1974 Staub designed the first piece of cookware for his now legendary collection. His latest project- a vintage carnival on Governors Island- surprised us, but only for a moment because Francis follows his wildest dreams. We are so happy to be partners in this beautiful adventure!